Yoga and Meditation Retreat 22 – 29 March 2014


Yoga and Meditation Retreat by Vikasa Yoga teachers

The Vikasa Meditation and Yoga Retreat is the perfect fusion of physical and mental exercises, re-balancing body and mind.

  • Date: 22 – 29 March 2014
  • Starting $ 890  in Zen Bungalow


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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Retreat will start in the morning of 23 March (at 8am) so we encourage students to arrive on the 22nd March.
This retreat is a perfect opportunity to learn and start your own practice of the most suitable meditation techniques for your body. Meditation is a fusion of physical and mental exercises, re-balancing body and mind.
We have chosen our most experienced meditation practitioners to provide you with a wide range of meditation styles. Such as Vipasana, Astral, Hypnosis, Chakra, Mantra, Dynamic, Nature and Tibetan Singing Bowls are all covered with practice and experiential learning during this event.
The retreat covers exclusive combined meditation and yoga sessions in dedicated   open-air yoga pavilion in the mornings and afternoons, while you are also welcome to join Vikasa open group yoga sessions at 6 pm daily.
This event is suitable for all levels. Yoga at VIKASA is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles, including our unique Vikasa style.  Hatha yoga in nutshell, Vikasa style offers an innovative and open-minded approach to yoga that challenges in a unique way. Our teaching methodology encourages creativity helping each student to make personal breakthroughs. Many students describe it as rather unconventional, challenging, and fun.
By combining meditation, yoga program and healthy food options you will enjoy a much deeper sense of connection and union between your body and soul. Once you make this your new healthy habit, you can enjoy your meditation practice to a level that is easily maintained and also at your normal place of living and work.

08:00 am – 08:45 am Meditation (Exclusive to Retreat Group)
09:00 am – 10:15 am Yoga classes (Exclusive to Retreat Group only)
10:30 am Healthy open buffet breakfast
11:00 am – 04:45pm Free Time
05:00 pm – 05:45 pm Meditation (Exclusive to Retreat Group)
06:00 pm – 07:15 pm Group Yoga classes: Vikasa program
07:30 pm Healthy open Buffet Dinner

Please arrive no later than 5 pm for a welcome session on the first day March 22nd.

We will welcome the whole meditation group at Vikasa with a traditional Chinese Oolong tea ceremony; a delightful delicious and very healthy habit that opens up your mind and connects you to the 5 natural elements. A perfect way to welcome you to your meditation journey and adventure with us here in our tropical paradise.

Departure is 12 pm on the last day  March 29th .

You are welcome to arrive early or stay on and enjoy our complimentary morning yoga and breakfast on that day.

*** The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher ***

betty1Bettina Maul is a registered yoga teacher and reiki master with a deep rooting in Vipassana meditation.

Bettina has studied and practiced yoga for more than 10 years in diverse styles in Europe and Asia. Believing that one of the essential parts of yoga is meditation, she developed broad experience in several meditation techniques.

Having an extensive corporate background in international companies, she knows that integrating yoga into your demanding daily life can be quite a challenge! She will help you to relax and unwind during sessions, and also show you how to build a daily practice for a balanced and healthy life at home.

Yoga has been an essential tool in her journey, and one that she is passionate about sharing with others.


craig_2Craig is living on Koh Samui and has had over 20 years experience with teaching yoga to share.
His spiritual practice began at age 12 when he was taught to meditate by his grandfather. He began practicing yoga when he was 20 in 1989. In 1990 he discovered Ashtanga Yoga with Robert Lucas, the first Ashtanga yoga practitioner in Australia.

Craig’s studies have led him to various teachers around Australia and India including Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and Sharat Rangaswamy. His Asana practice was refined with Shandor Remete, and Simon Borg Oliver, who inspired him with intense and dynamic types of Iyengar practices. To experiment further, he also took classes with B.K.S. Iyengar and studied Pranayama with Shandor Remete and B.N.S Iyengar. For 18 years Craig taught yoga in Sydney at various schools including North Sydney Yoga, Yoga Mat, Life & Balance and Yoga Moves as one of Eileen Hall’s first assistant teachers. He also taught dancers at Bangarra and Sydney Dance Companies for 10 years.



With over 30 years outdoor adventure training experience globally in some of the worlds most pristine and remote jungle locations and walking barefoot over 6 years now, Ronnie is a natural shaman with a strong connection to nature and the animal kingdom; active hands globally with wild life animal rescue and expedition leader on remote jungle expeditions like the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea, Exploration and discovery diver on remote island liveaboards and a passionate experienced meditation guide in Vipassana, Chanting Mantras, Dynamic, 5 Elements, Chakra, Singing bowls, Chi Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Thailand is a boutique yoga resort and organic restaurant. Vikasa offers an inspiring yoga environment created by Konstantin Miachin. Experience the Vikasa lifestyle and feel the transformation to your daily life.

Summary Content  Yoga and Meditation Retreat:

  • 7 nights stay at Vikasa Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand including all facilities
  • Two yoga classes daily (One exclusive and one group)
  • Two meditation sessions daily (Both exclusive)
  • Two healthy meals daily
  • Airport transfers (from and to Koh Samui airport)
  • Waterfalls trip

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